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Getting Free Traffic with Press Releases

On the Internet, a number of sites publish press releases which can drive a lot of traffic back to your websites, along with building your backlinks and search engine rankings. A good press release will be directed at your target market and provide a wider coverage than normal marketing strategies. Following good press release tips will greatly assist in positive exposure for your business, new products or services and promotions or anything that is considered as newsworthy.

As the name suggests, a press release is a written or recorded or video taped material meant to be picked up by media outlets around the world. It is a great way of promotion when something you own or have is newsworthy. When done and used properly, it could be a very influential promotional method to make an announcement to the news media that will draw a lot of attention to your product or service. Using this method will allow you to pre-sell your product using indirect advertising, creating intrigue and causing people to talk about your product which will in turn generate sales through word of mouth. Indeed, a published press release adds credibility to your products or services, turning potential customers into clients. Running a press release will also give you a high level of corporate professionalism which manifests your self-respect and earns you an expert status in your field.

Press releases have massive distribution and reach. When you use this type of news media on the internet it is going to be discovered by online news sites, print newspapers, and distribution list - all are relevant to your industry. Your credibility is enhanced enormously merely because you're being covered in the news and obtaining direct respect from the news media. When writing a press release, you can keep in mind a few points that will help you write better. You need to provide the reader with newsworthy content that they will find relevant and interesting while pointing back to your product or service. Think of a press release as a cross between a news article and an advertisement.

One of the most significant press release tips is to see to it that the article is newsworthy. When written correctly, a press release can be better than an advertisement. The key is to write a captivating press release that gets attention and submitting it to various press releases aggregator sites on the Internet. There are general guidelines that should be implemented when structuring your press release. It would be a disgrace for it to be rejected for not following the right format. There are templates available that can serve you in doing this. You can also look at news releases that others in your market have made and then model after their success. Remember that even if it will take whole day to compose your release, the result of the on-going promotion that it will provide is all worth your time and effort.

By: Terry Wygal - The Traffic King

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