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Finding the time for Marketing

By: Janice Jenkins

When you are running an entire business by yourself finding time for anything can start to become difficult, and that is just as true for marketing as it is for anything else.

Unfortunately marketing is simply something that you need to have in order to keep your business going and keep it expanding. If you do not find time for marketing you might suddenly find yourself with entirely too much time on your hands all of a sudden.

So what exactly do you do in order to have time for anything?

There are two things. The first and the most obvious solution is to set up a schedule that you know you can live by. Schedule out a certain amount of time for developing your marketing strategies and figuring out exactly how you can best approach your marketing.

This will be the same time that you either design something, or find someone else to design something, along with getting whatever printing you need to get done.

The second thing is to find a way to combine various activities so that you can accomplish two things at once.

I will break this down into a more specific situation to better explain what I am talking about.

So you plan out your marketing and you decide you want to get color posters as a means of marketing. You use your schedules time to design your posters and to get the custom poster printing taken care of.

Well, what you do is figure out the best locations to put them up, and then plan out other activities around that. Let us say you have a store you need to go to a few blocks away from a poster location. Just bring along your poster on your other errand and then put it up.

Rather than take aside the time to put up all the posters at once you can gradually put them up, along with checking on your other posters to make sure that they are still there. You are not having to use very much additional time because you were going to go to that store anyways.

This can be applies to all sorts of marketing ventures beyond custom poster printing. Bring along a stack of flyers when you go places to see if you can put them up on any bulletin boards. Always bring business cards with you just in case a good opportunity comes along to hand out your card.

Once you have your marketing incorporated with your everyday activities you can start to free up your time by doing more than one thing at once. You simply have to market, which means you have to find the time to get your marketing material made. Start multi-tasking to be sure that you get everything accomplished that you need to in order to keep your company strong.

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Finding Time
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