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A Promotional Products Primer

By clicking on this article, you've take the first toward buying a promotional product. You might have an upcoming trade show, conference, or other event. You might need something to stick in a direct mail campaign, or you could use a gift for clients. Whatever the reason may be, there exist thousands of custom logo products that are beneficial. There's almost no end to the ways in which you could utilize each of our products. We are one of the largest suppliers of promotional items and other logo merchandise in the business world. We strive to solve your marketing problems with a promotional product solution.

We know that not everyone has ordered promotional products before, and our reps are trained to handle these cases. We also realize that not everyone has a marketing or advertising background, so we make it easier for you. We can create a campaign for you using our expertise and promotional marketing knowledge.

Promotional items...What are they exactly?

Promotional items are regular pieces of merchandise with something added, your logo or message. They are meant to be used in a promotional context as part of your organization's marketing or advertising mix. Our variety of products can be overwhelming, but again we have reps trained to guide you in the right direction. From our selection of pens to our collection of first aid kits to our assortment of promotional jackets, we are confident we have what you need. You'd also be surprised about the number of items that can be logo imprinted, so even if you have an unusual message, there's probably a way to deliver it with a promotional product.

What can promotional products do for me?

Basically,promotional products promotional products can do whatever you want. It all depends on your marketing plan, your ingenuity, and your execution. For example, if you're a road side repair service promoting your business at a trade show, you might want to hand out promotional keychains with your name and phone number. The people that have that keychain will know who to call when their car breaks down. Understanding your goal and intent is the most important aspect of a marketing campaign. Promotional products can help supplement that message or goal.

What do I need to consider before buying promotional products?

You need to consider how you will use the product and in what context. You will also need to determine your level of customization, like colors, functionality, and size of imprint area. Other factors include price, production time required, and level of commitment to goal. A promotional product will work however you want it to. Picking out the correct product is the challenge.

Is it really this confusing?

No, absolutely not. ePromos has years of experience behind it, helping customers just like you who are baffled by promotional products and marketing plans. Even if you've completed marketing objectives in the past or have ordered promotional products, the task can still be daunting. Think of us as outside consultants. We can that burdeon away from your stressload and create a successful promotional product campaign. We will work with you to ensure achievement.

By: Mark Yokoyama

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A Promotional Products primer.