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About Marketing Promotions

Marketing Promotions provides all the marketing and sales products and services to help make your company successful. Our marketing and promotional services are both for companies traditional marketing needs as well as your online sales and marketing needs. We also specialize in helping companies that just market and sell products and services on the Internet.

We have been providing sales and marketing services for over twenty years. We have years of experience with traditional marketing and sales services including, telemarketing, mass mailers, print advertising, promotional events, trade shows and developing a sales organization.

We have been working with the Internet since 1995, providing all of our traditional sales and marketing services, as well as developing a suite of online marketing services and products. This includes complete analysis of your website for search engine optimization and competitive anaylise of your industry to knowing where and how to get listed so you will be found on the first or second page of the major search engines. Recently we have working with blogs and social networks and how they relate to marketing your company and helping to have your website found on the Internet.

If you send us an email with your current needs or wants we will explain how our services can be used to make you and your company more successfull. We always look at the details, but the bottom line, it's how much money your looking to make for yourself and your orginization. 

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