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When you call or email us, use Marketing Promotions code 555 and we will answer any of your questions regarding the Competitive Analysis for your company or website at no cost or obligation to you. We normally charge $100 per half our consulting fee.

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Website Development

Website Development

We can design a brand new website for you or we can redesign one of your old websites. Our website design services are complete from the competitive analysis of your industry and competition to the search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine submission of your new website.

Having a beautiful website is great, getting on top of Goggle and Yahoo and the some of the other search engines will bring you the clients and sales you want. Our staff has been providing complete Internet Marketing solutions for years and we have a number if current clients that are listed on the first and second pages of Google and Yahoo. This is based on real key words that people would use to find your website and company not some obscure key word phrases that might get you a lot of clicks but no real business.

We also have the experience of how to incorporate your new website into your other Marketing programs to provide a complete Marketing solution for your company.

Some of the website design services we offer:

Competitive analysis of your industry

Who are you direct competitors and what makes you stand out

Professional Logo and graphics designs

Website built for Search engine optimization (SEO)

Database management and integrated marketing solutions

Fulfillment and warehouse services

E-Commerce ready

Integration with your other marketing efforts

Targeted marketing based on geography, industry or both

Integration with blogs and social media directories

Web 2.0 tools and applications

Website Development services that will get you noticed and to the top of the search engines.