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Local Advertising

Local Advertising

Local Advertising is one of the keys of a good Marketing program. As Marketing costs have gone up its become more important to spend your marketing dollars where you have the greatest return.

Marketing Promotions provides a number of Local Advertising and Marketing  programs for our clients both in traditional Marketing as well as online Marketing.

The internet now offers a number of Local Advertising solutions both with organic Marketing as well as paid Advertising. We have a number or Marketing professionals that can help you with this, both for you traditional Marketing programs as well as you online Advertising and Marketing.

Send us an Email with your Local Advertising and Marketing programs, or if you don't know where to start with Local Advertising and Marketing, our Marketing professionals can work with you.

Some of the local Advertising and Marketing solutions we provide:

Local Radio and Television Advertising

Print advertising

Internet local organic advertising and listings

Paid local Internet Advertising

Search Engine Optimization for your local markets

What local area should you be targeting?

Local Mobile Marketing

Using Web 2.0 tools for local advertising