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Simple Ways to Improve Your Image

By: Janice Jenkins

If you are in a service industry of any kind, then no matter how much advertising you get done, a lot is still going to rest squarely on your shoulders.

For service industries often things like business card printing are only going to be as good as you make them. You need to be out there improving your image as well as handing out marketing material. You have to be able to give people a good and strong reason why they should trust you, and it is you they are going to have to trust. This is not about buying a product but hiring out an actual person to do a job. People are going to be looking at you before making any decisions.

What can you do?

The first is to accept that marketing is also needed. You have to have both a strong personal image and a strong business image in order to be successful. That means keep up that business card printing and keep sending out those postcards or putting up those posters. This is just as vital even if it is not the only thing you need to do.

The second part is improving your image, or at least getting your name out there. You have a number of different options here to help make sure people view you as a strong professional.

The first is by lending out your services in anyway you can. Are their any local non-profit organizations or other charities you know of that might be able to use your services for free? If you run a primarily local business I cannot stress enough what a great way this is of improving your image and your standing in the community.

Find every chance you can to help out any organization that is helping your community. You will of course help your community through them, you will get to try out new challenges and improve yourself, and you will make yourself known throughout the town as someone who is willing to lend a helping hand whenever it is needed.

You might find local events to speak at, or even places where you can teach a class. If not teach, find classes where you could be a guest speaker, or find someplace where you could run a workshop. All of these make you appear to be more of an expert in your field, and each person you teach is going to talk about you to their friends.

I am sure if you take the time to step back and look around your town you will start to notice a whole slew of different possibilities out there for you. You might be taking aside precious time to help out a charity, but remember that you are not only helping them out, but also promoting yourself at the same time. That is some effective multi-tasking.

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