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The importance of a strategic Marketing plan

By: Matt Dunlop

Whether you are running a large or small organization, Mainstream Marketing can help you prosper by applying our experience, skill-sets and creative approaches to everyday marketing by developing a highly effective and results driven marketing plan. When we are tasked to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, we can objectively assess the current status of your marketing efforts with regard to Product, Pricing, Distribution, and Promotional strategies; assess their relationship with all external business factors including (but not limited to), your competition and target market; develop measurable sales objectives; and outline product, pricing, distribution, and promotion strategies designed to achieve those objectives. It doesn’t matter if you are running an existing business or starting a new business it is critical to the success of any business that the business operator understands the importance of a strategic marketing plan. Ensuring that your business is guided by a strategic plan will determine the difference between successful growth and flat line growth.

When consulting with a new client our first focus is to establish a clear understanding with the client, the importance of a strategic marketing plan. A strategic plan will include initiatives that are measureable and targeted. Examining and finding all the possible initiatives that can be utilized is what we are trained to do. We have been successful at consulting with our clients and uncovering what their business needs are, who their target audience is and what initiatives will best satisfy all of the organizations revenue goals. Marketing and advertising are critical elements that should reflect and compliment the exact financial goals of the organization. The path to reaching those financial goals is through carefully plotted strategies that directly target the desired consumers. We encourage every business to view their marketing and advertising plans as a tree that bears fruit. When the plan is originally developed you should design a tree that has strong and sturdy roots, has healthy leaves and bares a bounty of healthy fruit. When sales in the company are healthy and finances allow you to maintain your strategic plan as established you will continue to enjoy the bounty of fruits the tree has to bare. However, a strong and strategic plan will be prepared for unexpected changes in the business environment and/or financial situations. This is when you need a strong and strategic plan more than ever, as it will be able to accommodate these environments and should be able to adjust to ensure the proper execution of the strategic plan even during unexpected situations. Going back to our "tree" concept you should view your plan as such, if you need to cut back on some of your initiatives or make adjustments, it is critical to ensure that you know the difference between trunk items; these being initiatives that cannot or should not be pruned, cut or eliminated. If you adjust any of these "trunk" items you must be cautioned that you most likely have destroyed your plan from being effective. However, if you do trim the areas that will allow the tree to continue to grow and flourish such as the limbs and the leaves you will find your plan will also continue to sustain. This is the importance of a strategic marketing plan. When you embrace the importance of a strategic marketing plan you will begin to experience the security that a strategic plan will offer and which will guide you and your organization through both good times and hard times.


Knowing the importance of a strategic marketing plan does not have to be a mystery any longer. If you understand that you are responsible for your own success in business then perhaps you are ready to hear the truth about strategic marketing plans and how they work.

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