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Free review of your marketing and sales departments

Marketing Promotions Review

FREE review of your Marketing and Sales departments.

Marketing Promotions did a great job helping us market our services within the New York City area. We would use them again for all of our Marketing projects.

Mark D.

Marketing Promotions was able to get us all of our Promotional items that we need for our marketing projects at a very cost effective rate. We look forward to working with them again.

Susan L.

Call or email us for you FREE review of your marketing and sales departments. We will provide a review at no charge to you, your current sales and marketing practices, software that you are using, your online marketing and website and your traditional marketing.

We will show you how to increase your revenue while also lowering your costs.

Some of the services your free marketing and sales review will include:

All aspects of your online marketing.

All aspects of your sales department.

What types of software are you using for sales and marketing.

Is your sales and marketing departments integrated into the rest of your company.

Past marketing campaigns.

Launching new products and services.

Updating your marketing material.

Review your website and how it ranks in the search engines.

What types of networking does your company do, on-line and off-line?

Are you using any type of Marketing promotional items.

Adding Social Marketing to your company.